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We hired NW Home Concierge to do an extensive remodel of our Master Bathroom, as well as our guest bathroom/ laundry room. Our plans included a change in floor plans for both spaces, new walls, windows, doors, raising the ceiling in two rooms, replacing plumbing all the way from the sewer to the second floor master bathroom, new electrical lines and new fixtures.


From the very beginning, Gordon and Troy provided exceptional communication and customer service that stretched the entire length of the project.  They really took their time to both understand our goals and design, as well as explain to us their approach and offered up worthwhile guidance during the initial stages of the project.  The contract was very professionally assembled, detailed and clearly laid out in regards to what we could expect.  They were also very flexible in allowing us to increase scope on several occasions (in one case significantly) when it became clear that we should complete this additional work now, as opposed to waiting to a later point down the road, as we had originally planned.  This saved us quite a bit of money and time, considering we knew going in we would have to do it eventually.


The work that they and their contractors did was very high quality and done in a timely fashion. If anything got behind schedule, they were willing to put in the extra hours and weekend time, in order to get caught back up and keep things on schedule.  Just as important, when a few issues did arise during the course of the project, which is inevitable in an effort our size, we were able to work together in a constructive manner, to get them addressed to our satisfaction.


We would happily work again not only with Gordon, Troy, Brandon and Scott, but also with any of their contractors - each and everyone one of them paid a lot of attention to detail, ensured that everything was done to our upmost satisfaction and were personable to work with: the plumbers let our preschool aged kid watch them work and let him “help” carry pipes, the tiler took extra time to talk with us through tile layout options and created samples for us as well practiced his few words of german he knew to chat with our son. Despite dirt and dust we have fun stories and fond memories of everyone who came out to do his part of this project.


We really can’t thank Northwest Home Concierge enough for the quality of work, the positive attitude day in and day out, the caring way they interacted with our inquisitive son and the sense that they really truly cared about delivering the best work they could for our family.  In fact, despite our home being under construction both upstairs and downstairs for nearly 2 months, all three and a half of us missed their positive energy and presence when they had finished the project.  It almost goes without saying that any future projects we look to take on, they will be the first people we reach out to.

- The Byer Family










First, NWHC came highly recommended to us by one of their subcontractors. At our first meeting with NWHC we knew they understood our 1964 ranch home, our plan for restoring it and our guiding principles for the projects.

NWHC took out the rotted, collapsed, and sorry bathrooms and created exactly the hall and master bathrooms that belonged in our home all along.

The principles at NWHC were accessible, their schedule and pricing transparent and accurate, their subcontractors top notch. When problems arose, they were upfront and on task, updating schedules in real-time so we knew what to expect.

We are planning several projects over the next couple years and wouldn’t dream of working with anyone else!

- Beth Nichols


 This note is long overdue, but I’m sitting here at our new kitchen island and realizing that demo for our kitchen/main floor remodel started almost exactly one year ago. The process with Gordon and Troy began much earlier. We had never gone through a remodel and only had a general vision of what we wanted for our kitchen in our late 70’s split level. We interviewed several potential contractors and right away felt comfortable and confident with NWHC. They listened to our goals and ideas and came back with a plan that was better than we could have imagined. They were so patient as we asked a million questions and allowed us the time to really be confident with our decision to move forward. We were able to work together through multiple drafts of the plan and a year later I am still in awe of the final result.

  From the beginning they had excellent communication, set realistic expectations, were thoughtful in the process and very personal and professional. From the original proposal, scope of work and final bills, they were fair and transparent...which we so appreciated. Like any project, we had some surprises and small issues (luckily nothing major!) and they walked us through the options and changes so that we could make the best decision. Their subcontractors were great as well and we felt very comfortable with everyone who worked in our home. We lived in our home during the remodel and enjoyed having a “front row seat” to the process. While there were some adjustments to the schedule, they actually finished ahead of the expected completion date...which everyone warned us to be prepared for it to go long. Thankfully that wasn’t the case for us. They even have told us they would come back once our space has been through a whole year of seasons to re-caulk and touch up anything that needs it. We have already recommended them to other friends who are considering remodel projects and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for any future projects. We are so happy that we found NWHC and that we invested the time and money to make our home much more livable and enjoyable to be in. This new space has absolutely been a game changer for us! Thank you!!!

-Angie  Gassner

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